Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6, 08

  • My kids are both coming for Thanksgiving!! Bram doesn't have his flight itinerary yet, but I'm praying that it will get settled today. Rose has a good itinerary, but it seems the flights she's booked on are now all full, so I'm praying that Bram will be able to get some help if he phones Air Canada and talks to a person instead of dealing with the internet. (family)
  • I'm feeling so much better! I'm nearly over my cold. (health)
  • My living room ceiling has stopped leaking. (I have to smile about that one, because it's really Dad and Ruth's problem, as landlords, not mine.) (stuff in general)
  • I'm wearing a new outfit I bought yesterday that looks really nice. (stuff in general)
  • The tree outside my window. I have been smiling all fall when I walk outside and look at the tree across the street, because it has been so beautiful in its autumn foliage. However, now that most of the leaves have fallen, I have discovered that it is still beautiful with the bare branches against the sky. (nature)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, October 5

  • I'm so thankful I'm feeling better, after this past week of bad cold, fever, runny nose, etc. I've a long ways to go before I'm 100%, but I'm definitely feeling better. (health)
  • My parents were here the past few days when I was feeling so sick, and my mom looked after me and made me chicken soup. (This would be a family thanksgiving)
  • It's windy out, and gray; but I'm thankful for the wind - it lets me know I'm in Saskatchewan. Yesterday was so windy it felt like it could blow away a small child, but it was a warm wind. (That may be too much to hope for today). (nature)
  • My apartment may be messy, but that's because I had a great Ladies' Bible class yesterday and haven't put things back into order after it. It's so nice to be able to host such a thing - and the tidying won't take but 5-10 minutes (that's next on the list).(temporary nature of life's problems; friends, God connections)
  • I was able to talk to my kids last night and they're coming down for Thanksgiving! I'm still trying to arrange flights for Bram, but I'm really looking forward to seeing them. (family)
  • I'm going to church shortly; it's Sunday! (family, friends, God connections)